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The Documentation Center encourages former forced laborers to chronicle their war-time experiences. These and other documents relating to forced labor in Nazi-Germany during the period 1940-1945 are assembled in the Documentation Center. Over the years a large and valuable collection has been assembled, not only from Dutch sources but also from other countries and in a number of languages, other than Dutch. The archives are located at the Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie - NIOD (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation) in Amsterdam.

Documents such as books, reports, photo's, etc. can be sent to: Mr. A. Pontier, Jasmijnlaan 71, 7101 ZG Winterswijk, the Netherlands; tel./fax: 0543 - 530 434 (daytime only.)

Associates of research and educational institutes, historians and other individuals may have access to the collection at NIOD at the above address.


Authors, titles and publishers
Volder, Karel, Van Riga tot Rheinfelden (Amsterdam: Stadsuitgeverij Amsterdam, 1996).
This is undoubtedly one of the most complete publications on the Nazi forced labor program in the Netherlands and its consequences. It is written in Dutch. For detailed information: Van Riga tot Rheinfelden.
Volder, Karel, Werken in Duitsland (Bedum: Uitgeverij Profiel, 1990)
This is an earlier edition of the above text by the same author.
Herbert, Ulrich: Fremdarbeiter: Politik und Praxis des "Ausländer-Einsatzes" in der Kriegswirtschaft des Dritten Reiches (Bonn: J.H.W. Dietz, 1985)
Recognized as the most authoritative source on the Arbeitseinsatz program of nazi-Germany, dealing with all national and ethnic groups who were affected by this program. A must for anyone doing research on the subject. 483 pages.
Hopmann, Barbara, et al, Zwangsarbeit bei Daimler-Benz (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1994)
Although dealing specifically with the wartime deployment of forced labor at Daimler- Benz, this 558-page text also contains a weath of well- documented information on the Arbeitseinsatz program in nazi-Germany in general.
Korte, Detlef, "Erziehung" ins Massengrab (Kiel: Neuer Malik Verlag, 1991)
This Ph.D. dissertation gives a vivid, well-documented insight in the policies and practices associated with infamous Arbeitserziehungslager "Nordmark" in Kiel in during WW II. An introductory section on the program of forced labor deployment is also included. 329 pages.
Meyer-Strüvy, Peter, "Der Krieg und meine Jugend sind vorbei." Niederländische Zwangsarbeit in Kiel, in Informationen zur Schleswig-Holsteinischen Zeitgeschichte, December 1995 (AKENS, 1995)
Meyer-Strüvy, Peter, Niederländische Zwangsarbeiter in Kiel und Lübeck, in Informationen zur Schleswig-Holsteinischen Zeitgeshichte, August 1994 (AKENS, 1994)
Rathmer, Christian, "Ich erinnere mich nur an Tränen und Trauer ..." Zwangsarbeit in Lübeck 1939 bis 1945 (Essen: Klartext Verlag, 1999)
Sijes, B.A.: De Arbeidsinzet - De gedwongen arbeid van Nederlanders in Duitsland ('s-Gravenhage: SDU Uitgeverij, 1990)
An in-depth definitive source dealing with the nazi-Arbeitseinsatz program in the Netherlands in a scholarly manner. 730 pages.
Lotfi, Garbiele: KZ der Gestapo - Arbeitserziehungslager im Dritten Reich (Stuttgart, München: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 2000)
The most comprehensive and authoritative publication on the subject matter of Arbeitserziehungslager in Germany, both before and during WWII.
Weinmann, Martin, et al: Das nationalsozialistische Lagersystem (Frankfurt am Main: Zweitausendeins, 1990)
This reference source lists all camps which existed in nazi-Germany during WW II. It also contains 157 pages of introduction and explanatory information. 1168 pages.
Spanjer, Oudesluijs, Meijer: Zur Arbeit Gezwungen - Zwangsarbeit in Deutschland 1940-1945 (Berlin/Utrecht: Stichting Holländerei, 1999)


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