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Grave site and monument for Dutch victims
Field of Honor at Vorwerker Cemetery in Lübeck (Germany) for Dutch slave laborers who perished.
Engraved on the monument in the backgound are the names of 243 Dutch victims of nazi terror.
(Photo by Christian Rathmer)

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D-34444 Arolson

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[ Madaris Ali] [G. v.d. Berg] [S. v.d. Berg] [Marcel Blanchard] [Fr. Boot] [Joseph Czajkowski] [Disberg] [C. Duiveman] [Roelof Eggengoor] [Hendrik Jozef Fischer] [J.H. Geskes] [Henk A. Groenevelt] [Stefan Hofstede] [Anthony Holzel] [Andries Jongsma] [Gerrit Kamp] [Katz] [Piet de Koning] [Jos Kootstra, or Koolstra, or Kooistra] [Alexandra Lagno] [Aron Landau] [Anna & Rozsi/Rozsa Laufer] [A. Leeuwenstein] [J.v.d. Linden Jr.] [Geert Lippinghof] [Stanislaw Maciejewski] [Berden Mansens] [Thakur Miah] [Pierre Morinet] [Johan ter Mors] [Berend Mulder] [Hendrik Nakken] [Jan Nieuwboer] [Janina Niwinska] [Fake Oldenbesten] [M.J.A. van Overvest] [Arnoldus Reuvers] [A. de Roy] [A. Scherpenzeel] [Arthur Schrynemakers] [Adrian Simons] [J. Smit] [Johanna (Hanneke/Jo) Smith] [Stroz] [Jac. Tellekamp] [Eugène/Eugeni Thomas] [Piet Turkenburg] [Will van Uffelen] [Verhoef] [Mark Verhoeven] [Jozef Verstraelen] [Vleeschhouwer] [(Lytse) Sijts van Vliet] [Maarten Vos] [Sipke de Vries] [W. de Vries] [Johan Vrösch] [J. and H.C. Wagenaar] [Jan van Weerdenburg] [John (Jan) Woltjer] [Yad Vashem]

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December 2002
Lawrence T. Newman
6007 Hillside Avenue, East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220
317-255-9395 phone and fax
laurarn18REMOVE@hotmail.com  e-mail

I would very much appreciate any information concerning my wife's family, who were victims of the Holocaust.

My wife's relatives' information is as follows:

Born: August 26, 1913, Paderborn, Germany
Died: May 28, 1943, Sobibor

Louis Vleeschhouwer
Born: November 21, 1913, Amsterdam
Died: May 28, 1943, Sobibor

Bianca Louise Vleeschhouwer NEWBORN AT THE TIME
Born: April 27, 1943, Westerbork
Died: May 28, 1943, Sobibor

The last address I have for Louis Vleeschhouwer is Bandoenstraat 23 1, Utrecht.

According to Martin Gilbert's Atlas of the Holocaust, Map 205, there were transports to Sobibor from Westerbork on May 25, 1943, and May 18, 1943. I believe my wife's relatives would have been on one of these transports, most likely the later one.

Louis Katz
Born: October 8, 1878, Massenhausen, Germany
Died: November 3, 1943, Riga Ghetto liquidation

Berta Katz (maiden name Haas)
Born: May 28, 1887
Died: November 3, 1943, Riga Ghetto liquidation

Born: July 7, 1932, Paderborn, Germany
Died: November 3, 1943, Riga Ghetto liquidation

If you know any of these people or think you might know something about them, PLEASE CONTACT ME. After almost 60 years, we have just found out that a baby was born to Irmgard Katz. If you think of someone who could help me learn about our family, I would greatly appreciate
any information or referrals.
November 2002 - I am searching for my cousins: Dyna Englender Stroz and her daughter Laja Stroz lived in Netherlands, but were taken to Sobibor death camp and died there. I am looking for any surviving members of the Stroz family. (They were originally from Czestochowa,Poland.)
Daniel Kazez <dkazezREMOVE@wittenberg.edu>
Professor of Music, Wittenberg University
Ward Street, Springfield, Ohio 45501-0720 USA
tel: 1-937-327-7354; fax: 1-937-327-6340
October 2002 - Ik zoek voor mijn vader (Piet Verhoef) Kees Korteweg. Hij kwam van Goeree-Overflakkee en waarschijnlijk uit Oude of Nieuwe Tonge. Kees is opgepakt bij de grote razzia op 6 december 1944 te Heemstede en vervoerd naar Kamp Rees. Een ieder die wat meer gegevens heeft s.v.p reageren op teun.verhoefREMOVE@12move.nl
Alle reacties worden op prijs gesteld.
October 2002 - Arend Disberg seeks information about his father's time at Arbeitslager Kamp Rees. He also wants information about any Apeldoorners who were taken by the Nazis from their homes, or who gathered in the marketplace awaiting deportation. Please see the Dutch Oproepen page for more details.
Hoge Dries 163
7335 AL te Apeldoorn.
October 2001 - My name is Christa Mertens. I am working at the municipal archives of Paderborn, Germany. I am doing research on the issue of forced labour in Paderborn 1939-1945. Paderborn had been almost completely destroyed in 1945. Therefore there are only very few sources and documents about forced labour in our archives. So I am in urgent need of surviving former forced labourers, who can tell me their memories about their time in Paderborn. I was quite successful in finding people from Poland and Ukraine, who were very willing to send me their written experiences. With regard to the Western Countries, Netherlands, Belgium and France, unfortunately I was not succesful at all. I contacted some societies of former forced labourers, put advertisements in their newspapers: but nothing. So I ask you to help me and put an advertisement onto your webpage: Any former forced labourers, who had worked in Paderborn and Altenbeken (nearby Paderborn) should contact me. Here is my address: Christa Mertens, Stadtarchiv Paderborn, Am Abdinghof 11, 33095 Paderborn. Tel.: 0049-5251-881596; Fax: 0049-5251-882047. E-mail: stadtarchiv@REMOVEpaderborn.de
July 2001 - I would like to contact any person who worked in or knows someone who worked a factory in Germany, possibly known by the name of Oculus, that made periscopes, bombsights, and other such equipment. There were supposed to be 6000 workers working under terrible conditions. Some were Belgians and there may have been Dutch as well. The factory was camouflaged in a forest “in a neck of the woods” in the direction of the Polish border near a town by the name of Rheinsburg. The factory was formerly located in Berlin and was moved to the hidden location in the woods before the heavy bombing of Berlin began. The factory worked 14 hours a day from 0600 to 2000. The hidden site may have been bombed by the RAF in January 1944 or thereabouts. Any information on this factory would be of great help in my research on my great uncle, Arthur Schrynemakers, who was a Dutch national living in Brussels during WWII. As a member of a Belgian Resistance organization, Service EVA, which specialized in assisting Allied fliers, he is supposed to have provided information on the factory to an American flier who was staying with him from November-December 1943 who in turn passed the information on to Allied military intelligence in Gibraltar in January 1944. Anyone with any information, please contact Bruce Bolinger at: bolinger@REMOVEnccn.net or at 12704 Butterfly Dr., Nevada City, CA 95959, USA, or telephone: (530) 273-6442.
March 2001 - Mrs. Sjoera van Eijsden is looking for mrs. Alexandra Lagno. Alexandra Lagno came from Ukraine to NeuBrandenburg to work in the Rinkerwerke during WW 2. Both women were there for several years. Alexandra Lagno had a relationship with mr.Hofstede who was there too. Out of this relationship is born Nikolaus Hofstede (Lagno) on 10 Sept.1945 in Hamburg. Alexandra met a Lithuanian man and immigrated to Canada with her child Nikolaus. We do not know the name of her Lithuanian husband. Do you have any information about mrs.Alexandra Lagno? Please contact: Mrs. F. Quaedvlieg (on behalf of mrs. Sjoera van Eijsden), Pastoor Ragenstraat 17, 6137 Sittard. E-mail: sojoroki@REMOVEhome.nl
January 2001 -Greetings from the British National Ex-Prisoner of War Association. I am the association historian and I have been asked to write a series of three books about the war crimes which were committed during the Second World War. One of the books will concentrate purely on the treatment of civilians. I would like to correspond with any Dutch civilian who may have been a forced labourer, a member of the resistance or and ordinary citizen, who may have experienced or seen Nazi War Crimes. Could you please help me locate anyone who might fit that description? Mr Philip Chinnery, 10 Lambert Avenue, Langley, Berkshire SL3 7EB, England. Email: PHIL@REMOVEchinnery49.fsnet.co.uk We also have a website at http://prisonerofwar.freeservers.com
I am looking for information concerning Aron Landau, born November 20, 1922 in Eischstaedt, Poland. He had lived in that city until 1939, possibly until 1940. He was employed as a shoemaker. I know that this is rather limited information, but if there is any other information I would appreciate it. Patricia O'Bannon, 2316 Villanova Circle #1, Sacramento, California 95825, USA. Tel. 1-916-925-5528. E-mail: piggyob@REMOVEaol.com
October 2000 - Jozef Czajkowski was born in 1928 Stryj, Poland. His perants names are Franciszek and Stefania Czajkowski. He was taken to Germany during World War II, to work at age 13. He wrote a letter in 1943 and sent his picture. That was the last time the family heard from him. The only sibbling who is living is his sister Wanda Czajkowska. She is desperately looking for any answers. If anyone has any information we would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you. Christine Blazewicz. E-mail: cblazewicz@REMOVEhome.com
September 2000 - I am writing to you from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I have been looking for information about my father's cousin who was Anthony Holzel. The only information I have comes from an article in a magazine "De Revue" of 1984, entitled "Anthony Holzel kijkt door een glazen bol". He was hung by Joseph Mengele with eleven Jewish children, a Swiss doctor and a French doctor. Tony was picked up in The Hague and sent to Bergen-Belsen and from there to Auschwitch where he trained as an orderly. Mengele took him to a school in Berlin where he experimented on the children. His grandmother was a Portuguese Jew from Amsterdam. My father who was also a slave laborer in Münster, Germany, had just died when this article was published. I would appreciate any information as I was brought up Jewish by my father and grandfather. I became a Reformed Jew about 5 years ago. My family is still looking for answers. Johanna Holzel-Bennett, 1610 Armanda, Windsor, Ont., N9C 3W9, Canada. E-mail: johanna.holzel@REMOVEsympatico.ca
July 2000 - The two sisters of Rabbi Laszlo Laufer seem to have survived Bergen Belsen in 1945, having been sent there from Auschwitz.
ANNA LAUFER , born and raised in Debrecen, Hungary; ROZSI/ROZSA LAUFER , born and raised in Debrecen, Hungary.
Anna was also called by her Jewish name Chani, Rozsi was also called by her Jewish name Rachel. They are from a known rabbinical family, their father having been Rabbi Moses Laufer, a known rabbbi. ´Their mother's maiden name was Weisblum. Anna had light brown hair and chestnut-colored eyes, Rozsi blond hair and green-bluish hair and both were raised in the tradition of a religious family. Both spoke Hungarian, Yiddish, and a bit of German.
LAUFER was a rare last name in Hungary. According to Rabbi Laufel, no one else in and around Debrecen had that last name and it might even be that it was unique for Hungary ( I have found only one other Laufer family from Hungary in a death list of Dachau). LAUFER is a more frequent name in Poland. Rabbi Laufer remembers that his grandfathers came from Poland so that the Polish LAUFERS might in fact be
distant relatives of his family in Debrecen.
Officially, as far as Rabbi Laufel can remember: Anna Laufer was born 1926, very likely in December. Rozsi/Rozsa Laufer was born 1922, very likely in December. Rabbi Laufer does not quite remember the precise birthdays of his sisters. The Laufers that did show up in survivor lists did have various birthdates...either because of mistakes in record keeping or because the two sisters altered their birthdates to get children rations or access to early transportation out.
The whole family was imprisioned in 1944 and then sent together to Auschwitz where they were assigned prisoner numbers, at least the male family members recieved prisoner numbers that were not tatooed in. We do not know Rozsi and Anna's prisoner numbers but Rabbi Laufer has prisoner number 109 053, Niklos Laufer had 109 062 and Fulöp Laufer had 109 054. Therefore, the sisters might have numbers close to these, somewhere between let’s say 109 040 to 109 065 (unless there was a different numbering system for women at the time)
While three brothers were sent on to Dachau (Lazslo, Fülop and Niklos), and from there to Mühldorf, the sisters ended up Bergen Belsen, as did two older brothers. These brothers were, in fact, liberated in 1944 in a unique transport, paid by Suiss charity that then transported the inmates to Switzerland ( including Martin or Mordechai Laufer).
When Rabbi Laufer was liberated in Dachau (his two brothers there had died),he went to Feldafink, Bavaria. There he saw a list of women liberated at Bergen Belsen that included the names of his sisters. At the time Rabbi Laufer was a teenager, sick, disoriented by the experiences at the camp and the aftermath of the war and, therefore, unable to find out anything more about his sisters. He managed to locate a brother in Switzerland and eventually just assumed that his sisters must have died.
Only with time did he realize that this might not necessarily be the correct conclusion. When he had a bit more time in the 1970s, he tried to trace them and was rather unsuccesful... except in finding a trace of an Anna Laufer who was supposedly treated in a hospital in Wuppertal, Germany (Klinikum Wuppertal) in early summer of 1945. When Rabbi Laufer contacted the hospital, he was told that they destroy their records after 30 years. And that was the end of that trace.
It seems possible that Anna (and maybe Rozsi was with her but was not sick) tried to get to Switzerland to find the two older brothers. The story of the liberation of the brothers and the other inmates was known throughout the Jewish population in concentration camps (Rabbi Laufer, as a teenager, had heard of it in Dachau and went to Switzerland himself to locate the brothers.)
He also put his name on the Yad Vashim list in Jerusalem but I discovered for instance, that the Yad Vashim list names are not included on the survivor records kept on line at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Which means even Rabbi Laufer does not show up as survivor in the US (nor on any survivor list I have found).
I found the names Anna LAUFER (once listed as Hanna) and Rosza (some records list a woman with the name Amora LAUFER) in various Sharit Ha-Platah volumes and in Jewish Survivor lists. Sometimes the siters (if these are the sisters) were listed as having been born much later (e-g- 1930 or 1928) than the dates Rabbi Laufer remembers. This might be an error in record keeping or an attempt of the women to get rations as as teenagers in order to survive after the war and be transported more rapidly.
Sometimes their birthplace is incorrectly listed as Polish or as having been shipped to Dabrowa or Krakow, Poland after the war (perhaps in search for Polish relatives?)
I contacted Batya Unterschatz, The Jewish Agency, Search Bureau for Missing Relatives in Jerusalem and they have not found any information about these two girls. There was one record linking Anna Laufer to Schwering/Mecklenburg which I have tried to check out but I was as yet unable to find any trace or record about her through the local Jewish community. There is one trace to Argentina, and several Laufers listed on website lists of Jewish last names and I have sent my search questions to the relevant addresses there.
I do have copies of the various lists in which I found traces of the two. If you need any more detailed search information I will gladly provide it. (in particular I have a copy the Sharit ha-Platah, volume III 1945, lists Amora and Anna Laufer, born in Debreczen in 1928 and 1930. Since Rabbi Laufer and my research show that no one with the name Laufer lived in Debrecen except for his immediate family, we are assuming that this record is indeed about his two sisters).
Thank you for your help in advance, Susanne Belovari. E-mail: belovari@REMOVEhotmail.com
January 2000 - I am looking for information relating to my grandfather, Madaris Ali (alias Thakur Miah) who has not been heard of since 1939. He is believed to have been aboard a vessel of the now defunct shipping company Brocklebank Line Ltd. when it was bombed by German forces in the North Atlantic. He was 35 - 40 years of age at the time. His home address was in the village of Bhadiarpunji or Bahadurganj, District Sylhet in what is now Bangladesh. Anyone having information about my grandfather is asked to contact: M. Sarwar, Zimmer Nr.0010, Ankerstrasse 15, 50676 Köln (Cologne), Germany. Tel.: ++49 (0) 170 971 7242 (Mobile). E-mail: msarwar64@REMOVEhotmasil.com
August 1999 - Mr. Bolbrinker, archivist of Samtgemeinde Dannenberg (Elbe), Rosmarienstrasse 5, D-29451 Dannenberg (Elbe) should like to contact former forced laborers. Between 1939 and 1945 some 5,000 forced laborers worked in the region. While some were employed in the agricultural sector, many were employed with three large concern, namely Benzinlager Hellberg (pseudonym for Wirtschaftlichen Forschungsgesellschaft WiFo near Hitzacker; Munitionsfactory Karwitz/Dragahn and Luftmunitionsanstalt Neu Tramm where V-1 rockets were manufactured. Anyone who was a forced laborer at any of the above firms or at other locations in Niedersachsen, such as in the production of V-1 and V-2 rockets are asked to respong.
July 1999 - The International Campaign for Gathering and Commemorating the Names of Holocaust Victims. Click here to submit Pages of of Testomony to Yad Vahsem.
June 1999 - I am looking for my grandfather, Stanislaw Maciejewski, son of Feliks Antoni and Maria Anna Jozefina z Gadonow. He was born in 1913. In May or June 1942 he was sent probably to Mauthausen and that is the last information my family has about him. He was a member of the AK-Polish Underground Army. Please, help me! Krysztof Zukowski, ul. Przedwiosnie 79/6 73-110 Stargard Szczecinski, Poland. Tel. +48600309630. E-mail: chrisgo@REMOVEpoczta.wp.pl
May 1999 - Following his last film "Hitler's Sklaven" (Hitler's Slaves) which retraced the history of Ostarbeiter Ukrainians who worked in Swiss companies, based in Germany during the Second World War, Frédéric Gonseth, Swiss film maker, decided to enlarge his research to Soviet prisoners of war, having worked for AluRheinfelden (Alusuisse) and other Swiss companies, also based in Germany. Here is a list of Swiss companies based in Germany during the Second World War:
AluRheinfelden GmbH, Rheinfelden/Baden;
Aluminum-Walzwerke GmbH, Singen/Baden;
Breisgauer Portland-Cement-Fabrik, Kleinkems-Lörrach/Freiburg;
Breisgau-Walzwerk, Singen/Baden;
Calorienwerk Gautschi & Brandt, Singen-Hohentwiel/Baden;
F. Hoffmann-La Roche & Co. AG, Grenzrach-Freiburg/Baden;
Fitting-Georg Fisher, Singen/Baden;
Kraftwerk Reckingen AG, Reckingen-Küssaberg/Baden;
Lonze-Werke Elektrochemische Fabriken GmbH, Waldshurt-Diengen;
Lonzona AG, Bad-Säckingen;
Maggi GmbH, Singen-Hohentwiel/Baden;
Stotz-Brown Bovery Compagny (BBC), Frankenthal-Mannheim;
Sulzer-Escher Wyss Machinenfabrik GmbH, Ravensburg/Baden;
Sulzer-Escher Wyss Machinenfabrik GmbH, Lindau/Baden;
Sulzer-Weise GmbH, Halle an der Saale/Leipzig.
A partial list of the Dutch forced laborers who worked at AluRheinfelden is available upon request.
We are strongly motivated by the possibility of informing the people of our country and the rest of the world, of the history of these men and women whose destiny crossed that of Switzerland, painfully, in a very dark period of history. To achieve this, we need to get in contact with as many people as possible who have been in touch with Soviet prisoners of war, forced laborers from other European countries, but also foundations, associations and/or researchers to eventually exchange the results of our research in retracing this unique page in our "common" history. If you can be of assistance, please contact Julien Schmid (for Frédéric Gonseth Productions), 5 rue de la Scie, 1207 Genève, Switzerland. Tel.: 00 41 22 786 1610; fax: 00 41 22 700 1602. E-mail: day-schmid@REMOVEpingnet.ch
March 1999 - I am looking for Henk Elferinck, born in 1923. Together with his father-in-law, Marcel Devoldere of Zarren (Belium), he was employed as a forced laborer at the Novribra factory, Wildungestrasse 34, Bad Cannstadt - Stuttgart, in Germany. He was hurt as a result of a bombing raid in Owen-Teck, after which he was admitted to a hospital in Backnang. He married a woman from Groningen. In 1946, my father-in-law received a letter from Henk with return address: Bockstraat 5, The Hague. Can anyone help me in my search with possibe addresses, etc. Vandamme Guido, Maanstraat nr. 5, 8820 Torhout, Belgium. Tel.: 051 - 724759. E-mail: VANDAMME Guido@REMOVEskynet.be
March 1999 - I should like to uncover any information (or contacts) concerning my mother's involuntary period of employment in a weapons factory (the name of the owner was Hugo Schneider - HASAG) in Altenburg, Germany. The time period in question is 1940-1945. Following is my mother's personal information: Janina Niwinska, born 25 December 1915, in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland. Daughter of Marianna Niwinska, nee Gardys and Stefen Niwinski. Please concat me at: Elzbieta (Ela) Kostanecka; 3045 - 30A Street SE; Calgary, Alberta; Canada. Tel.: (403) 248-5373. E-mail kostaneh@REMOVEcadvision.com
January 1999 - Historians of the 'subject group History' at the University of Hannover are conducting in-depth research in the working and living conditions of prisoners of war, concentration camp prisoners and slave laborers who were put to work within the Hannover city limits. Relevant information (in Dutch or German) can be sent directly to: Project 'Hannover Lager', Historisches Seminar Universität Hannover, IM Moor 21, D-30167 Hannover, or to H.P.M. Hermans, Stadhuisplein 71, 4531GZ Terneuzen, tel/fax +31-(0)115-610.131, the Netherlands. To assure relevancy, a survey form in Dutch has been designed. This form will be sent upon request. (10/6)
January 1999 - During building renovations in the city of Goslar, 5000 registration cards of foreign slave laborers have been found in the city archives. On the land of the former mine in Rammelsberg the cellar of a labor camp has been located. 'Der Verein Spurensuche e.V.' wants to establish a 'place of remembrance' on this location and is now trying to locate Dutch citizens who were put to work in Goslar or vicinity. The following names are known: Sipke de Vries, Emmen; Hendrik Jozef Fischer, Emmen; Berend Mulder, Meppel; Johan ter Mors, Lonneker; Fake Oldenbesten, Smilde; Jan Nieuwboer, Ruinewold; Arnoldus Reuvers, Geertruidenberg; Berden Mansens, Vlagtwedde; Geert Lippinghof, Meppel; Roelof Eggengoor, Harderberg; Johan Vrösch, Schaesberg; Hendrik Nakken, Coevorden. Please send information to: F. Jacobs, Oberer Trillweg 1, D-38640 Goslar; tel. 00 49 5321 41387 - fax 00 49 5321 41347. (10/6)
September 1998 - I am trying to get in touch with Dutchmen who were employed with Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenbau in Barnburg a/Saale, Anhalt, during the period 1943-1945 and who were housed in Werkheim Friedrichshöhe. Most of them worked at Fliegerhorst and some, like myself, at Zweigwerk. Here are some of the names of camprooms "O3" and "O5": J.v.d. Linden Jr., J.H. Geskes, Will van Uffelen, Jac Tellekamp, M.J.A. van Overvest, Piet de Koning, Piet Turkenburg, J. Smit, W. de Vries, J. and H.C. Wagenaar, Fr. Boot, Mark Verhoeven, A. Leeuwenstein, A. Scherpenzeel ("oom Tom"), A. de Roy, C. Duiveman, and many others. Please contact: Henk A. Groenevelt; Box 99; Logan Lake, BC; Canada V0K1W0.
May 1998 - Dr. Steven F. Sage is currently writing a book about the history of the nazi construction outfit Organisation Todt. Several chapters concern forced labor projects of OT in various parts of Europe. This will be the very first work to examine this aspect of the Third Reich. Dr. Sage seeks to hear more about the human dimensions from survivors and their families. Anyone who worked for Organisation Todt or can contribute to this work is asked to contact: Steven F. Sage, Ph.D.; P.O. Box 882; Rockville, MD 20848-0882; USA. E-mail: Sanxingdui@REMOVEaol.com
April 1998 - We are looking for information on Stefan Hofstede, who was put to work with Rinkerwerke in Neubrandenburg during the years 1943 to 1945. He joined the resistance group of Pastor Karl Fisher which went by the name of Revolutionäres Komittee Nord with members of Polish, German and Dutch nationality, among others Adrian Simons. If you have information about these persons, please contact the 'Regional Museum' ; Treptowerstrasse 38; 17033 Neubrandenburg, Germany. (10/2)
April 1998 - Mr. Marcel Blanchard of Le Mans (France) is looking for a fellow prisoner of camp Schwerte-Ruhr during the period 1942 - 1945. His name is Jos Kootstra (possibly Kooistra or Koolstra), currently probably 70-75 years of age. Please contact: J. Stienstra, 033 - 461 04 93 (office) or 033 - 494 89 95 (home.) (10/2)
February 1998 - Dr. Leonore Scholtze-Irrlitz, Humboldt-Universität, Inst. für Europäische Ethnologie, Schiffbauerdamm 19, D-10117 Berlin, is looking for information about Andries Jongsma, born January 2, 1919, and living at Werfstraat 7, Groningen before being deported to Germany. Jongsma was an assistant to dentist dr. Peter Johansen, Brunnenstrasse, Berlin. It is probable that the dentist provided him with papers which allowed him to escape. Anyone who has further information about Andries Jongsma is asked to contact dr. Scholtze-Irrlitz directly or via the VDN secretariat. (10/1)
February 1998 - Thomas Kochan, c/o Humboldt-Universität, Phil. Fakultät I, Schiffbauerstrasse 19, D-10117 Berlin, is looking for information about Durchgangslager Wilhelmshagen (near Berlin) and labor activities in Berlin-Köpenick, Rahnsdorf, Wilhemshagen and Hessenwinkel. For instance, in Rahnsdorf, 20 Dutch nationals were housed in Camp Restaurant Müggelsee, also known as Müggelwerder, located at Seestrasse 82. The following names contained in the diary of the late Maarten Vos: G. v.d. Berg, Jaap Haan, J. Uitslager, Cobus Westerink, Jan Schurink, Joop Schreurs, S. v.d. Berg, Chris Scheffer, Ben Veltman, (Lytse) Sijts van Vliet, Jan van Veen, Jan van Weerdenburg, Gerrit Kamp, e.a. Please contact Mr. Kochan directly or via the VDN secretariat. (10/1)
February 1998 - Mr. Dieter Krüger has been conducting research in the history of Neubrandenburg in Germany, covering the period 1933-1945. He plans to publish his work on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city in 1998 and dedicate it to the memory of the slave laboreres who were deported to Neubrandenburg between 1939 and 1945. The theme of his research is "Zwangarbeiter und KZ-Häftlinge in Neubrandenburg". Mr. Krüger would be grateful for any newspaper clippings which can contribute to the historical accuracy of his research. Dieter Krüger, Humboldtstrasse 53, D-17036 Neubrandenburg, Germany. Tel. 0395 778 11 40. (10/1)
Febraury 1998 - John (formerly Jan) Woltjer who worked close to Neuengamme for two years, should like to have documentation about this camp. Please write to: John and Dorothy Woltjer, 4906 5th Street E., Bradenton FL, 34203, USA, or 1725 Batchawana SE, Grand Rapids MI, 49508, USA (10/1)
December 1997 - Ing. P.H. Versteijne, Scholekster 35, 7731 KM Ommen, on behalf of the Institut für Stadtgeschichte, Frankfurt am Main, should like to get in touch with former slave laborers who have worked at Adler Werke. (9/6)
December 1997 - In an earlier request Martin Pabst, Heinrich Heinestrasse 36, D-27474 Cuxhafen, requested contact with persons having worked in Leuna and Buna. He is now also looking for former slave laborers who worked in Halle and Ammendorf. The same companies are generally involved. You may also write to the Documentation Centre in Winterswijk (see Adresses.) (9/6)
November 1997 - My father Adolph de Groot was put to work somewhere in or near Berlin in 1943 or 1944. During an airraid he escaped to France and travelled together with Willem van Ekeris to Paris where they joined the Americans as guards of German prisoners of war from August 1944 until approximately November 1945. Who can tell me where Adolph de Groot worked in Berlin and at which camp he was a guard near Paris and also if the dates are correct. Please help: I have no one else to turn to! Reactions to: K. de Groot, Zwin 5, 1273 WP Huizen (tel. van 8.00 - 18.00 uur 035 52505510; na 19.00 uur 035 5243400) or by e-mail to: fdegroot@REMOVEpi.net  (7/11/97)
 October, 1997 - Especially Polish and Dutch slave laborers were employed at Imfeld & Co - Hessische Metallwerke - in Kassel-Bettenhausen, located in Messinghof.
The "Verein zur Erhaltung und Nutzung des Messinghof e.V." , Fuldatalstrasse 228, D 34125 Kassel, tel. 0561 870 91 86, should like to learn more about living and working conditions of slave laborers. A list of 55 names is available at the VDN Documentation Centre. Please write directly to Kassel or to the VDN Documentation Centre. (9/5)
October, 1997 - Mrs. Hillie Buist-Smith, Adm. Helfrichstraat 8, 9801 EM Zuidhorn, tel. 0594 502 102, is searching for her father.This is no easy task and she requests the assistance of our members. Her mother Johanna Smith, nicknamed Hanneke and/or Jo, born in 1919 in Leeuwarden, was employed at the airbase in Leeuwarden during the war and, suspected of espionage, was transported to camps in Bremen, Münster and finally Neuengamme. During the period December 1944 - January 1945 she was situated in a camp in Münster were she met a Frenchman by the name of Eugène or Eugeni Thomas. This meeting resulted in the birth on September 12, 1945 of Hillie. In the meantime her mother has passed away and Hillie is now searching for her father, Frenchman Eugène / Eugeni Thomas. (9/5)
February 1997. Psychiatric Clinic in Gütersloh. Department Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen Westfalen-Lippe, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Platz 1, D-48133 Münster, tel. 00 49 251 591 245 is searching for Dutch male and female slave laborers who worked in the Psychiatric Clinic in Gütersloh during the nazi period. Who can help? Information may also be sent to the VDN Secretariat (9/2)
December 1996. My father, Jozef Verstraelen of Brasschaat, Belgium (12/4/1924-14/10/1990) resided at Badenstedterstrasse 48 in Hannover/Linden, from 4/1/1943 until 4/10/1943. He worked with Lindener Eisen- und Stahlwerke. Later he was put to work with Rautal-Werke in Wernigerode where he lived in Lager Ziegenberg. I should like to hear from anyone who also was in Wernigrode or Hannover during WWII. Please contact Luc Verstraelen, Durentijdlei 146, 2930 - Brasschatt, Belgium, tel: 03/633.48.60. (9/1)
October 1996. Pierre Morinet of France is searching for Dutch persons who worked with him at Weser Flugzeugmotoren in Berlin-Tempelhof during the period 1942-1945. He was housed in a Lager in Berlin-Schmargendorf. In cooperation with the municipality of Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Pierre Morinet is now collecting information about this Lager and Weser. Anyone having information, or having known Pierre Morinet, is asked to contact: Pierre Morinet, 59 Boulevard Arago, F-74013, Paris, France. (8/6)
August 1996. This is an urgent repeat call for persons who have been imprisoned in an Arbeitserziehungslager in the Ruhrgebiet. So far only one reaction to this call has been received. Those who have been inmates of an AEL in other parts of Germany are also asked to react. Those who have submitted reports to the Documentation Centre, need not reply. Please contact: Mrs. Gabriele Lofti, Von Stauffenbergstrasse 45, D-48151 Münster, Germany. Correspondence may be in the Dutch language and may also be send to the Documentation Centre in Winterswijk (see under Addresses.) (8/5)
August 1996. In camp Dondagen, located in the hamlet of Poperwahlen in Letland, approximately 100 Dutch persons were housed. Camp security was in the hands of Dutch SS-ers. Anyone with information about this camp is asked to contact: J. Keizer, De Taats 10, 9285 ME Buitenpost, tel.: 0511-542 482, The Netherlands. (8/5)

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