(Workers Educational Camps)
These pages contain articles about the "work-education camps" used in Nazi-Germany to "educate" forced laborers. Certain German words are printed in the original language and form since their translation into English would do injustice to their connotation. They are printed in italics. Where necessary a literal English translation is given in parentheses the first time such word appears in the text.
Some words of German origin which are now an accepted part of the English-language vocabulary (e.g. Reich, blitzkrieg) have not been italicized. Because of its frequent use in these articles, the word "Arbeitserziehungslager" has not been italized. Since its singular and plural forms are identical in German, the reader must ascertain the appropriate form from the context in which the word is used.
In cases where a substantial portion of text from original German documents is quoted in translation, the original German text is given in the footnotes. Abbreviations can be found at the conclusion of the footnotes.


 Dr. Detlef Korte: "Die Arbeitserziehungslager"
This scholarly article has been taken from a Ph.D. dissertation by Detlef Korte at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, entitled "Erziehung" ins Massengrab - Die Geschichte des "Arbeitserziehungslager Nordmark", Kiel Russee 1944-1945. The article deals with the rationale as perceived by Nazi authorities for the establishment of Arbeitserziehungslager, their history and the practices associated with them. This article is available in English only.

Alexander van Gurp: Arbeitserziehungslager (AEL) Nederlands English
Written by a former inmate, this illustrated article discusses the history of Arbeitserziehungslager, living conditions in the camps and the results of these conditions. A bibliography is included.