The Nazi Forced-labor Program
These pages contain scholarly articles about the nazi forced-labor program during the second world war. Throughout these treatises certain German words are printed in the original language and form since their translation into English would do injustice to their connotation. They are printed in italics. Where necessary a literal English translation is given in parentheses the first time such word appears in the text. Some words of German origin which are now an accepted part of the English-language vocabulary (e.g. Reich, blitzkrieg) have not been italicized.
Where a substantial portion of text from an original German document is quoted in translation, the original German text is given in the footnotes.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Herbert: The Ausländer-Einsatz in the German war economy, 1939-1945
Dr. Detlef Korte: The recruitment of civilian foreign workers for the German Reich during the second world war
Forced Labour in Nazi Germany - A Berlin History Workshop Project